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Computer Virus and Hoax Information

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Virus Specific Issues



Generic Anti-Virus and Virus Hoax Information

US Gov't Dept. of Energy

Network Associates (formerly McAfee) Anti-Virus

Norton Anti-Virus

U. of Michigan - This is one of the best locations for Urban Legend information

Urban Legend Database - Check out that story being forwarded to you by email

RCMP Scams and Alerts Database - The Bunk Stops Here

Hoaxkill.Com: This is a free service that will check out the email virus and stories if you send it to them. Once confirmed as a hoax, you can have the site automatically send a message to all the people copied on the message warning them that it is hoax and asking them not to forward it.

Hoaxes and Legends on email chian mail are not harmless. They eat up internet bandwidth and cost people who live in parts of the world where they pay for the amount of time they are on internet and the amount of data downloaded. They cost companies and charities who have to respond to the constant emaikl they receive as a result of the hoax.

Lastly, they eat up bandwidth on internet and make it slower and more congested for the rest of us who use it legitmately.

Please help stop these hoaxes and legends by using the services listed above.

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