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    Child Pornography Legalized in British Columbia

    On Friday, January 15, 1999, a BC provincial judge ruled that Canada's law against possessing child pornography violates the freedom-of-expression clause of the country's Charter of Rights.

    The judge, justice Duncan Shaw, of the British Columbia's Supreme Court said;"There is no evidence that demonstrates a significant increase in the danger to children caused by pornography,". Shaw said the contention that materials depicting illegal sex with children actually prompt people to commit such acts was "only assumption."

    He said the section of the Criminal Code that outlaws possession of child pornography is invalid because it violates charter provisions guaranteeing freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression.

    The case involved pornography possession charges against John Sharpe. Police raided his home near Vancouver in April 1995, seizing compact disks, photos and writings about child pornography.

    The provincial attorney general, Ujjal Dosanjh, announced January 18th that they will appeal the decision!

    Please pray that the judges will be given the courage to make the decision to protect our children!


    This case has gone on for some time and now has been resolved. The defence won on the basis that the written material which consisted of stories about sex and violence with children was "artistic". The author now plans to publish his words.

    He was found guilty of pronography as a result of some pictures of children that he had with him, but not for the written material. the news services locally also reported that he has stated that sees nothing wrong with men having sex with young boys because it is just another "sexual orientation".

    Possible Closure of South African Christian radio Stations

    The Following is a quote of a message exactly as we received it:


      >>> "CFT" August 15, 1998, 10h53 >>>
      CFT's bi-weekly CHRISTIAN NEWS

      15 August 1998

      * CLOSURE OF SA CHRISTIAN RADIO STATIONS - At a hearing in the Western Cape one of the IBA councillors told members of a Christian station that "when" the White Paper becomes law (before parliament goes into recess on 23 September 1998) it will spell the end of religious stations in South Africa. All applications for `Community of Interest' licences will be returned to the applicants, and applications for geographical community licences will be scrutinised to make sure that Christians do not control community radio stations. There is increasing concern among Christian broadcasters that the government seems bent on pushing through this new legislation. Rev Fano Sibisi, vice chairman of the Association of Christian Broadcasters, has appealed to Christians to apply pressure on the Portfolio Committee on Broadcasting, which will be handling complaints, to recommend the removal of the "anti-religious section of the White Paper".

      The Broadcasting Act was tabled in parliament on 7 August but no mention was made of blanket closure of Christian Radio stations.

      (Responses to the White Paper may be sent to: The Communications Portfolio Committee; Rita Schaasma; Box 75; Cape Town 8000, or by fax +27 21 - 4623242 and +27 21 - 4621646. A full copy of the White
      Paper on Broadcasting is obtainable at:

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    Alabama Schools Prayer Ruling

    Summary memo from Internet

    Canadian Courts Redefine Marriage to Include Same-Sex Marriages

    The federal government has until JUne 23rd to launch an appeal of the Rosenberg decision, in which the Supreme Court ruled 3-0 that "spouse" can be defined as someone of the same sex.

    So far the federal government has not acted.


    Please write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper today. Send a copy and call your Member of Parliament.

    Also -  Contact Justice Minister Anne McLellan (email 613-992-4524.

    PUBLIC DEBATE is our best defence against this decision standing. Consider one of these two topics:

    a) The importance of marriage to maintaining strong families and a strong society, or
    b) that Parliament and the legislatures, and not the courts, should have the right to determine how our laws are written.The courts action of "reading in" is not an acceptible method of changing laws in our constitutional democracy.

    SOURCE: Canada Family Action Coalition

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