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Scriptural Analysis of Roman Catholic Church Teachings

This is the start of a new section on this site which will continue to grow and add more articles as time permits. On this page, we will review a number of the key doctrines of Roman Catholicism, and provide answers to questions which have been asked by Roman Catholics and other regarding this topic.


The Standard of Truth

We all need to decide the basis upon which we will determine what is right and what is wrong. This is more important than what we currently believe because if we are in the wrong, but our standard is right, it will guide us towards the truth. If we are using the wrong standard, then even if we are currently sound in our beliefs, we are at risk of being led astray into false doctrine. What our standard of truth is is absolutely critical.


Was the Authority over the True Church handed to Peter by Jesus?

This is a basic claim of the Catholic Church. they claim to be the original church and the only church started by Jesus Himself. But does the scripture record provide any support for such a claim?


Who was the First Pope?

Few topics will get a good debate started faster than to look at the New Testament Church and look at what scripture says regarding linkages, if they exist, to any current denomination, of whether a specific denomination is the true Church. A key topic is that of the Pope. Is there such a position spoken of in scripture? Did Jesus make Peter the first Pope? Paul?. This is a key issue for the Roman catholic Church.

The Eucharist and Transubstantiation

The Eucharist is so often a point of contention with respect to the Roman Catholic Church and is a clear point of division between Catholic and non-Catholic and therefore it is important to find out what the truth regarding the Eucharist and more specifically, the Catholic doctrine of transubstantiation.

Mary, Mother of God?


  • There is a major controversy today regarding the usage of the title “Mother of God” to describe Mary, the mother  of Jesus. This document examines this belief from the perspective of scripture to determine whether this belief is or  is not in concert with God's word.


  • Refuting Baptismal Regeneration

    Essentially the belief boils down to this. The proponents will say that they believe in salvation through faith in the blood that Jesus shed on the cross, but then they will say that even if you truly believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour and accept Him as your personal Lord and Saviour, you must be baptized or you will still go to hell if you die first. Is that scriptural?

    Please stay tuned. There are a number of other documents in the works, examining various aspects of Roman catholic doctrine, but initially looking at scripture to examine the claims that the Roman Catholic Church is the true Church and can trace its origins back to Jesus Christ himself.

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