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Scriptural Analysis of Preterism

Preterism is a growing movement in the church today and as such deserves to undergo some scrutiny to determine if in fact there is any truth to what they claim. To start, let's define we Preterism. Preterism is a belief system in which some or all of the end-time events specified in the Christian Scriptures (New Testament) are believed to have already been fulfilled. They were accomplished in the past, particularly during the Roman-Jewish war of 66 to 73 AD. (Source: )

There two types of Preterists - one called full or consistent and the other is partial Preterism. The key difference is that while "full" or "consistent" Preterists believe that all prophecy was finally fulfilled in the 70AD timeframe, including the return of Jesus, "partial" or "moderate" Preterists typically believe that Christ's second advent was not fulfilled in 70 AD (and may also exclude other selective prophetic events as well.). Partial Preterists believe that Jesus returned in 70 AD, spiritually, but will also have another physical return in the future.

In this examination of Preterism, we will be spending the majority of our focus on the second coming of Jesus, and an examination from scripture regarding the arguments used by the Preterists to suggest that we are wrong to expect that Jesus is coming again.

The presentations which follow below provide a comparison of what scripture tells us about the second coming of Christ versus the claims of Preterism.

ARTICLE: Is Jesus Coming Again?

MP3 AUDIO PRESENTATION: Is Jesus Coming Again? (Download or Listen on-Line)

A key requirement for the Preterist position to be true is that the book of Revelation would had to have been written well prior to 70AD since it predicts many of the events of the last days. the problems with this view are numerous. In this document, we have made an effort to address the key arguments used by Preterists with respect to the dating of this book:

Arguments/Rebuttals Regarding Early Date for Book of Revelation

Another excellent document which provides both the internal evidence and the external evidence for the 90-96AD dating of the book of Revelation is found at the link below, and is written by Thomas Ice:

The Date of the Book of Revelation

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